From paper-based to eQMS – Problem naming files

Sustaining a paper-based quality management system is pretty hard and time-consuming since it takes a lot of energy to find the essential data among a growing document history. Members can spend many hours searching through the documents that they need. This way of doing things ends up being more of a problem instead of assistance.

Solution is in eQMS

This is the reason why many companies looking to shift to eQMS solutions, especially one with a document management module. They are looking for solutions where they can control revisions of documents and record the approvals, tracking the origins of the document or record, and make sure that obsolete versions not be used, etc.

What scares you the most when transferring to eQMS?

Even though there are a lot of great possibilities using eQMS for document management, a lot of companies struggle in the transition period. Mostly, this is because of document titles – most companies add version number as an extension of the document title, so they end with “Technical file – ver. 167”.

Solution is in Revision History

In eQMS with revision history, there is no need to add version numbers in the title. The old revision of the file is replaced, not overwritten, with the new one and assigned a new revision number, the history of which is kept within the software. There is no need to handle it in the file.

Great feature, but you’re wondering how to continue tracking revision history for “Technical file – ver. 167” now when you have shifted to eQMS where your software will count it as the first revision? No, you don’t have to upload your file 167 times. It is rather simpler than that. We suggest that you summarize in Revision history table in your file that the next revision will be handled through software and while uploading the file in the software add a note that it is the initial version “in the software”. And you can refer it to your file “Technical file”.

In this manner, your paper-based revision history is saved (in the file) and you started to handle future ones through the software.

The beauty of such a system is that you can get rid of the ‘Drafts’, ‘In Review’, and ‘Final’ folders as well.

So, don’t worry about naming your files in eQMS. Choose the best platform for your business and your Revision History will handle the names of your documents.

Organizing your folders can also be one of the major fear when transferring to eQMS. Follow-up to find out how to handle that. There is a secret…

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3 replies to “From paper-based to eQMS – Problem naming files”

  1. Carmen B. says:

    This is exactly how we handled it in our software. We are using qmsWrapper. Since it allows us to add revision comments, when we uploaded our file (without extension about version number), we added the comment that it’s initial version in the software, then just continue running revision history within it. I wasn’t sure about this solution, so it’s nice to have such clarification. 🙂

  2. Ali Brown says:

    Great article! My company had this exact problem when transited to the software. I wish I have read it before. We uploaded our files with the version number in the title (so, using your example – we have “Technical file – ver.167”). Now, it’s version 3 in the software… It looks really odd. :-/ So we need to explain to the auditor each what is behind it. 🙂

  3. Michelle Salas says:

    I have to mention that I literally had this fear when transferring from a paper-based to an eQMS. It can be challenging at the beginning but when you realize what are the benefits of it. It’s all well worth it. If you are reading this article, from very personal and professional experience, my advice is to take this chance and do this transition. Quality Management Software is the future and you will definitely love it.

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