How to prepare employees for the audit day?

“You get what you inspect, not what you expect!”

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

A successful audit relies on communication.  So, preparation of employees, in order to know exactly how to interact with the auditors when they arrive, is one of the most important steps. If the staff members are able to work collaboratively with the auditors, the audit will be conducted more efficiently, and your staff can return to business as usual. And, of course, the audit will wind up sooner!

Most importantly, let everyone know the scope of the audit, what auditors be checking in their areas and when they will be audited.

And be aware of the chatty, lonely team member who will try to impress the auditor with how smart they are… (try to get these few to call in sick that day, or if you cannot, then stand behind them with a pointy stick and poke them as often as required to shut them up… laxative in their coffee can work wonders… too…). 

So, how to prepare your employees for THAT day?

  • Refresh the quality policy and make sure everyone comprehends it. There is no need for workers to remember it, but they should have a strong understanding of what the organization has devoted to in terms of quality.
  • Employees should know what the organization’s quality objectives are and how they themselves contribute to accomplishing them. Employees should know and be able to explain how their day to day activities can affect these objectives.
  • Ensure that everyone has been correctly trained to complete their tasks.
  • Make sure everyone knows where to find procedures, work instructions and forms relevant to perform and record correctly a specific activity/process.
  • Impress upon them, it is not a time for “bitching and complaining”, and keep their answers to yes/no. 

An eQMS software that is cloud-based can be reached from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Processes such as document management, review and approval can all be done via the software. So, imagine how it would be easy for your employees to get access to all the information they need and to be sure that they accessing the right info.

One of the most important advantages of the eQMS is that it creates guidelines for tasks undertaken daily, and enhances productivity. Any organization with an excellent electronic quality management system put in place will run more efficiently. Also, a good eQMS allows specific roles to be assigned to each staff member, thereby making the staff more assured and improving their morale.

Such an eQMS platform typically lets multiple user-logins and the capability to manage projects through one portal. Companies with multi-site offices can now have teams collaborate and work through a single platform because it has everything you need to organize, create and manage projects: plan it, trail it, a debate about it and most important – act on it.

If it is created as a quality workflow process-based system, your team should not guess what to do next, everything should be defined to them and there is no worry about errors, forgotten paperwork or reports.

With overarching benefits and advantages like helping to communicate a readiness to produce consistent results, preventing mistakes, reducing costs, ensuring that processes are automated, defined and controlled, you are continually improving your organization.

Now imagine how it would be easy to prepare your employees for the audit… (also, bribing them with Pizza works only once a year!)

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4 replies to “How to prepare employees for the audit day?”

  1. Merika says:

    Control them every DAY! We have a few persons that have a responsibility to check all employees. This is the job for extra payment.

  2. Malika A. says:

    This is the most stressful part of our preparation. My colleagues are always trying to be smart, as they know everything and don’t need to be prepared. As they don’t understand the seriousness of an audit. Of course, auditors always find a way to surprise you… I’ll never forget one scene – one colleague was so sassy about his preparedness, then the auditor asked him something and he was like: “Bridge, can you help me?” in front of the auditor!!!!

  3. Jason Jablin says:

    An audit is very important and preparing your team for it is necessary. If your team was not prepared they could miss the chance of having documents approved. And that can cost the company time and money. Because they would need to repeat the same audit. That is why it’s essential to prepare your team in advance.

  4. Valeria says:

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