There is a better way to organize your folders!

Small businesses collect numerous kinds of information – financial, employees, customers, vendors, etc. Traditional file organization describes storing data in paper files, within folders and filing cabinets.

In such many cases, there is one folder often called ‘Drafts’, another called ‘In Review’ and then the ‘Final’ folder.

Rarely are documents drafted by one individual. More often than not, several persons are involved in the process. Without proper controls, this can lead to confusion as to which version is the most recent and even if it is still in use. So, the individuals need to agree who will finish the final one and mark it as ‘final.’

Get in track with your document

The problem arises when a document is placed in one folder, then manually moved to the next one other as the phases progress. All these without an audit trail tracking the activity – the reviews and approvals.

eQMS solves the problems

Using eQMS for document management can help overcome these problems. Firstly, it isn’t necessary to create so many folders based on file status. Rather than having folders based on the file status, you can have folders that have more meaning, dependent on what they refer. So, if you want to have your design inputs files in one place, you’ll create ‘Design inputs’ folder and all files will be stored there, from drafts to final.

“Draft”,”Review”, “Final”,…

You’re probably wondering how to demonstrate the status of your files whether they are still draft versions or final ones? No, the solution isn’t to create ‘Draft’ and ‘Final’ sub-folders or documents! In eQMS an approval and review workflow option will provide that functionality. When a file is approved, you guessed, it becomes final. The software clearly registers which revision is the approved one and everyone can easily identify its status.

What if you make a change on the approved file?

If a new revision is added, it will save the current version and create a “new” revision version, as a new draft. The revision number will increase but this new draft will not be approved until becomes draft version is approved again.
In some solutions, all revisions are available and can be downloaded. Since the status of the file is clearly stated, individuals know which revision they can use until the new one is approved. Better eQMS systems, only allow users to access approved versions, an only be able to “peek” at previous versions.

But the best part of such a system – you have an audit trail of each file, complete with revision history and approvals! Also, everything is handled in one folder. No more dragging and dropping between folders.

qmsWrapper can help you organize your file closet.

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7 replies to “There is a better way to organize your folders!”

  1. googleasd1 says:

    I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether
    this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem.
    You’re incredible! Thanks!

  2. Ben Bohn says:

    QMS Wrapper looks very useful program, that can reduce the number of the documents and help you track specific document whenever you need it. And the fact that can be used by multiple users it’s even better. There is no similar softwares I mean if you want to compare Green Light Guru ,but I used that software and i can tell you that kinda sucks. I hope there will be more articles like this one.

  3. Jamie O. says:

    Information that is worth it to read. I am currently using QMS and I cannot be happier. This has been the best decision I have made for my business and not only that, the best has been the Traceability Matrix. A LIFE SAVER!!

  4. Jason says:

    Hi, I just found this article and I must say that is is very interesting. Using this program looks to be of a great help,because it helps you to track every file and to connected them when is needed.

  5. Louis W says:

    IMDCR thank you for sharing this article. As a Biomedical Engineer & Healthcare Facilities Expert, I’ve had the opportunity to try QMSWrapper in our company and I can tell you and the audience that it was a life saver. Obviously we had to try a few software prior to finding qmswrapper but definitely, we made the right choice. The workflow and everything in general change completely how we use to do FDA and ISO certification.

    1. Zeba Heyes says:

      Hi Louis! Can you tell a bit about qmsWrapper? We are in the process of looking for eQMS (paper is a nightmare!), but all solutions we heard are so expensive. We are a start-up and our budget is limited. Are you happy with the pricing? Also, does software support DM?

  6. Jason Green says:


    Thank a lot for this post. I am thinking and looking around the websites on which qms software will be better for my business as currently, I am focusing on medical devices and as we know, it requires a lot of paperwork and organization. I was reading some of your blog articles and this recently was published, so now that I have taken a further look into it. I will be definitely considering to get qmsWrapper. It seems to be a great software which can help to reach our goals.

    Thank you IMDCR.

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